• I’ve never built before, where do I start?

    Give BuildSmart a call. We will arrange an onsite meeting. We can discuss an initial concept plan and a rough scope and budget.

  • What can you can expect from the BuildSmart team?

    We offer full project management and build service. Let us take you through all of the options from concept to completion. We have a full range of trusted subcontractors, suppliers, architects and draughtsman that we’ve partnered with for many years. We vouch for their quality, costings and time management. We can talk you through why it is so important to get these things right.

  • Is the building consent process onerous, and does BuildSmart take care of the application?

    The consent process is a comprehensive application involving many specialist reports and details. BuildSmart can take care of the whole consent process. We have an experienced team that administer the consent and liaise directly with council staff to ensure an efficient approval.

  • What contracts do you offer?

    BuildSmart are Certified Builders(hyperlinked), which means you have access to various legally drafted Building Contracts. A contract is required for any building project over $30 000.

  • Do we need consents?

    If you…
    • Undertake any structural work
    • Add plumbing fittings to a room
    • Conduct any work that affects the weather-tightness of a building.
    This may be classified as Restricted Building Work. Restricted Building Work can only be done and/or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner. BuildSmart with their trusted architects and draughtsman can take care of this process for you, as it can be quite time consuming and complicated.

  • What are your safety and security procedures?

    BuildSmart complies with the Hazard-co system to ensure your construction site will be safe.

  • Do you offer project insurance?

    BuildSmart limited liability insurance covers up to 2 million dollars for every build. We can increase the amount of cover if needed for some light commercial work. Contract work insurance options are available with us as well.

  • What warranties do you offer?

    You can rest easy knowing your biggest investment is backed by Halo – New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10 year residential guarantee. This unique cover is a safety net for your building project, that’s only available when you work with a highly qualified NZCB approved builder.

  • I am just wondering what the payment structure is?

    This schedule will be finalised before the project starts. Project deposits cover purchasing materials and booking trusted contractors. These payments are required throughout the project and will be proportional to onsite progress. Payments vary according to the size and scale of each individual job.

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Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. All our staff have been handpicked by Director Glen Williamson, so you can be assured that any member working on your site will treat it with respect and integrity from the start to the finish of your build.

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Best practice workmanship

Build Smart workmanship is always of the highest quality workmanship in the building industry. Our pride in the work we provide reflects the quality finish your build will receive.

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Excellent Communication

Communication is key in achieving a successful build. BuildSmart works with you closely from the very start until completion, making sure nothing has been missed and that all your expectations have been met. 
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Our clients all sing our praises, you can read our testimonials to see how our past clients enjoyed working with the BuildSmart team.
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