New Builds

New Builds Dunedin

Are You Considering Building Your Dream Home? But you're nervous about choosing the right builder who will understand your vision and be able to meet your expectations?

Are you looking to build new but concerned about being able to build within your set budget?

Are you ready to build your dream home but worried about your project running over time?

Does the entire process feel daunting and just too much work?

An enormous amount of stress is involved in building a new house. Considering this is your biggest asset, getting it right is paramount. At BuildSmart, we understand the significance of your decision and work with you by taking control of your build from start to finish so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy seeing your dream home take shape. Our builders are not only experienced and skilled but are also polite and great at communicating with all involved, resulting in outstanding service, and delivering you the highest quality finish.

Did you know the most crucial aspect of your build is finding a trusted company that understands your vision, takes in your detailed instructions and can deliver exactly what you imagined your dream home would look like? To ensure we meet your expectations, BuildSmart works with architects or draftsmen who are trusted and experienced in their industry. Or, if you already have an architect you are working with, BuildSmart will communicate with them directly, ensuring that a smooth build process is maintained. You won't have to worry about anything.

Giving your home the highest quality care and finish is our number 1 priority.

To ensure we meet our commitments, we use our very own Quality Assurance Checklist which ensures every step of your build process is completed to the highest standard and nothing is missed. You will be part of the decision-making process should unforeseen variations pop up, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Communication plays a crucial role in the success of any project, and yours is no exception.

Are you interested in how we would work with you? Below you will find a detailed description of how we keep you updated with timeframes, budgets, and all other essential aspects of your build.

  1. Initial contact. When you contact us, we will discuss your wants and needs for your building project to ensure we can offer the service you require. Then we will arrange a convenient time to meet you for a more in-depth discussion.
  2. Feasibility. We will provide you with a price estimate for project viability at this stage. BuildSmart will then initiate a concept design/drawing (depending on the project, we may need the concept drawing before we can give estimates)
  3. Plans Drawn. Spending extra time at the planning stage of your project is crucial to avoid costly delays while the build is underway. Final working drawings need to go to our local council for building consent. BuildSmart will take care of this process for you.
  4. Quote Given. After initial plans have been drawn up, BuildSmart will then provide you with an estimate/quote as soon as all details are finalised (this can include a full breakdown of all materials, labour and subcontractors)
  5. Contract Signed. Any building project over $30,000 must have a signed contract. BuildSmart takes this process very seriously, and you can feel confident the development of one of your most significant assets is in safe hands.
  6. The Build Begins. Communication is key to any successful project, whether with the sub-trades, tenants, property managers or owners. BuildSmart uses the latest technology to make sure this happens.
  7. The Build Is Complete. After completing our comprehensive BuildSmart checklist, we will present all documentation to the building inspector for your code of compliance certificate. Last but not least, as our gift to you, we will organise for your home to be cleaned by a commercial cleaning company.

If you're looking for the best quality finish and a stress-free build process, then BuildSmart should be your building company of choice. Request a quote now, and let's start working together on your dream house.