Renovation Builders in Dunedin

BuildSmart is a well-known Dunedin-based building company that can assist you with all aspects of the building process, including project management and dealing with any council requirements.  

BuildSmart was founded by Glen Williamson, who is himself a qualified builder. As a property investor, he realised there was no one with both building and property investment experience who could provide competent advice on all aspects of building maintenance, renovation and upgrades. Neither was anyone who could show investors how to develop their properties by subdividing and building an additional dwelling or simply adding on to existing houses. He set about filling that gap in the market and, in just seven years, has built up a strong reputation as the go-to building company for property investors. He assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced builders and painters who have made what BuildSmart is today.

Are you looking to start renovating your home but are concerned about going over budget? Are you losing sleep, thinking about how your renovation could go wrong? Can we knock down some walls, rework your home's design, and create that all-important indoor-outdoor flow? Renovating a home is a big decision, and it is essential you look at ALL the options and get expert advice so you can make an informed decision to minimise your risk. At BuildSmart, we take care of your project management. You can leave all your worries about timelines and budgets to us. 

With our unique experience, we are set up perfectly to specialise in major renovations for both Bungalows and Villas. Our experience in renovations gives us the most accurate costing in the market because of the checklists and expertise we've built up over the years.

Absolute quality control, no ifs and buts. We've developed our checklist to ensure your build is completed to a very high standard. Most importantly, you will be involved in every step of the process. 

How we work

  1. Initial contact. When you contact us, we will discuss your wants and needs for your building project to ensure we can offer the service you require. Then we will arrange a convenient time to meet you for a more in-depth discussion.
  2. Feasibility. We will provide you with a price estimate for project viability at this stage. BuildSmart will then initiate a concept design/drawing (depending on the project, we may need the concept drawing before we can give estimates)
  3. Plans Drawn. Spending extra time at the planning stage of your project is crucial to avoid costly delays while the build is underway. Final working drawings need to go to our local council for building consent. BuildSmart will take care of this process for you.
  4. Quote Given. After initial plans have been drawn up, BuildSmart will then provide you with an estimate/quote as soon as all details are finalised (this can include a full breakdown of all materials, labour and subcontractors)
  5. Contract Signed. Any building project over $30,000 must have a signed contract at this stage. BuildSmart takes this process very seriously, so you can feel confident the development of one of your most significant assets is in safe hands.
  6. The Build Begins. Communication is key to any successful project, whether with the sub-trades, tenants, property managers or owners. BuildSmart uses the latest technology to make sure this happens.
  7. The Build Is Complete. After completing our comprehensive BuildSmart checklist, we will present all documentation to the building inspector for your code of compliance certificate. We will provide you with the Certified Builders Halo guarantee and all information relating to your job. Last but not least, as our gift to you, we will organise for your home to be cleaned by a commercial cleaning company.