Glen Williamson

Director/Project Manager

I left school priding myself on having read only one novel throughout my teenage years. I was a typical Kiwi teenage boy, and my “educational” goal was to get sportsman of the year. This I achieved, along with the necessary academic qualifications; however, school for me was sport and socialising.
Upon leaving school, I studied as a Personal Trainer and went on to build a strong clientele in New Zealand and later the UK. While continuing to work as a Personal Trainer, I developed an interest in investing.
Suddenly I was motivated to read… I read every property investment book I could get my hands on. Upon returning to New Zealand, I implemented my newfound knowledge under the guidance of an experienced mentor.
From here, my interest in building and renovating grew, and I accepted an apprenticeship with a local Dunedin builder. I’ve built 20 plus new builds and a few hundred large and small renovations while working in the building industry. When it comes to renovations, I’ve got it covered.
Whether it be sub-dividing a site and building an additional dwelling, upgrading existing homes, or simply adding on, I have a wealth of experience ensuring your renovation project is in safe hands.