BuildSmart are unique as we combine Construction and Property Investment under the one umbrella.

Latest Project

Another Great Investment RenovationWhether you are looking to; build a new home or investment, maximise your rental properties performance through renovation, or looking to increase your wealth with a property investment, our highly experienced team does it all. 

Our Dunedin based team have an outstanding reputation of offering exceptional quality, knowledgeable advice, fresh ideas, upmost commitment & professional prompt service to all our customers.
The team at BuildSmart would love the opportunity to either:

  1. Renovate or upgrade and maximize your current investment property’s potential. Benefits = Increase cash flow and/or value, increase rent-ability and tenent appeal ensuring your property stands out from the rest.
  2. Help you develop an existing property . All the way from a small addition to a milti-unit development. We specialize in feasibility studies which include: projected finished values and budgeting, this helps paint a picture of a projects potential viability before starting, this helps to plan towards maximizing investment profit left over on completion.
  3. Help you find a property with potential to add value and increase your wealth
  4. We also have extensive experience in deck building, landscaping and retaining all helping to maximize your living space and indoor/outdoor flow.
  5. The team at BuildSmart would love the opportunity to build your new home having built over 15 houses combined. We have plenty of experience in all facets of construction.
  6. Paint you property inside and out we have two full time-painters who do a magic job putting the finishing touches on our projects.

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